Boo “Happy Halloween” Card

I absolutely LOVE making cards and art using my kids Hands and Feet! It is a cute idea that the G-Parents love to show off. I always make an extra for myself to keep (and scrapbook!)

This was a real simple and easy one. All you need is a black piece of construction paper, white acrylic paint, a paint brush, and Orange letters/diecuts. I used my Cricut machine to cut the Boo! out.

Paint the bottom of your kiddos feet with the white paint and stamp them down on the paper. I folded my paper before hand three ways, so it also fit in a #10 envelope for easy mailing to family. Label the front “Happy Halloween”.  

Always, always, make sure you name and date the cute guys…that way you can always look back and remember how old they were!



Welcome to Creative Ma of 3

I am a working Ma of 3, well 4 if you include the hubby. I am a very crafty Ma on a very little budget. My blog will provide you with pictures and instructions on some of my favorite pieces I have made, on my little budget. I just got a new Camera to take pictures of my creations – so bare with me on the quality at frist. It has a lot of bells and whistles, so I am still learning it all! I enjoy making centerpieces of parties and holidays, favors, crafts, decor, and more! My new favorite thing is creating custom gifts for people. Since we have about 10 babies due in 2012 – be on the look out! My family is constantly saying how I am creative and they love some of my stuff, so I thought I would share with other “little budget” Ma’s out there. Enjoy =) Please share my page with your family and friends!